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About us

Unsure really where the idea to start a clothing line came from, but I know it was to fund being an artist.

Although Markinapparel started in September 2018, I have been selling online since May 2006. It started with a little hockey card shop on eBay. At the time, I was making business cards for my dad's painting business and helping him hand them out. I quickly learned about advertising and used it with my online store. My little hockey card shop did pretty well too. I was making regular sales and putting the profit back into my store to better it as much as I could. I did get some pretty sweet cards!

Now, about 12-years later with a lot of experience and an education, Markinapparel has come about in my basement while painting after endless nights. I wanted to find an additional means to support being an artist, and clothing came to mind. It allows me to create, which I love, but it also allows me to reach out and connect with others, which I really love! So, at the beginning of Sept 2018, I opened a store online with sarcastic clothing about school and being in debt. I started posting these product pictures on my Instagram account @niceguygone4good and the reactions were supportive. I didn't expect this. I didn't even expect to keep the store going or to be serious about it. But damn, they were supportive.

Now, I spend as much time as I can working to better Markinapparel by way of new products, finding the best products I can, designing, and connecting via social media and marketing campaigns. Luckily, I have the support of a little team:

  • Laura, who helps with research, cleaning up my product mess and postings, and figuring out the crap that I can't wrap my brain around.
  • Evan, who also comes up with ideas, such as for ads, but who is working hard to design and come out with more to the NAP line. 
  • Then the endless support of friends and family (Mom, Dad, Fred, Nikola, Dante Aka "Fat Cat" - I couldn't do this without you, fools!). 

In the future, we at Markinapparel hope to sponsor skateboarding kids. Why? Because I am a skateboarding kid and I remember how amazing it was when my best bud got sponsored at 14-years-old, even if it was only stickers, a limited amount of t-shirts, and a discount on a board. And I know I will never be sponsored, but hell, I have my own company, and I want to give back to the youth who are shredding the streets, the parks, and even in their backyards.

#TeamNap has just begun. We want to share posts and connect with others who have our interests in supporting and helping others. If you want, #teamnap on your Instagram posts of you or whoever wearing or being with your NAP products. Or just of the products? haha. And we @markinapparel will post you on ours. Let's make this fun.

Thank you.

- Steven Markin CEO @niceguygone4good 

Steven Markin

- Evan Co-Owner @luckybullet08